Company History

Founded in 1984 in the city of Los Angeles by Mr. Ali Sharifi, Unity Courier Service was initially developed to provide the banking industry with a safe and secure alternative in the delivery and transport of its negotiable instruments. Driven by this goal, and to fulfill the needs for secure handling and transportation of confidential and time-sensitive materials, Unity Courier Service implemented customized daily delivery solutions. Couriers would pick-up the banks' checks and deposits, and deliver them to designated processing centers, all on the banks' specified schedules. This ensured the safe, convenient and cost-effective movement of negotiables and non-negotiables alike. As the banking industry and financial institutions' needs evolved over the years, Unity Courier Service adapted its procedures and processes to develop and progress alongside the changing market trends.
With a combined 45+ years of experience in the transportation industry, Unity Courier specializes in scheduled route services as well as on-call transportation needs. Customers include many major banking and financial institutions, retail establishments, professional organizations and numerous other businesses.
With "Complete Customer Satisfaction" as our number one priority, Unity Courier strives to continually improve its employees, equipment, facilities and service to give our customers the most cost-efficient and dependable service for time-sensitive materials.
2008 provided Unity Courier Service with a unique opportunity to expand its vision of "Complete Customer Satisfaction". Through the strategic restructuring of TBS Couriers/Transbox Systems, Unity Courier extended its diversified courier service offerings to meet the time-critical needs and demands of TBS Couriers/Transbox Systems' customers and businesses.
As Unity Courier progresses ahead, strengthened with the TBS legacy, our objective remains the same: Meeting and Exceeding Our Customer's needs while continuing to be The Driving Force in Overnight Delivery...

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