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The Internet web hosted Manifesting and Reporting System (webMARS) is an application that can be run at any TBS Couriers customer site with access to web pages on the Internet. Any browser can use this application, and no programs need to be downloaded or installed on the PC, with the possible exception of the free Adobe Reader. (see below)

A "wedge" type barcode reader, connected between the keyboard and your computer, will allow quick and accurate scanning of the barcodes on either incoming or outgoing courier packages. An appropriate barcode reader can be purchased from TBS.

WebMARS generates nicely formatted manifests from "scans" of the barcodes on TBS packages. The last several manifests created remain available for printing from the website. The manifest can also be download and saved to your PC.

The program allows easy maintenance of lists of locations one expects to ship packages to, or receive packages from. Manifests can indicate "missing" and/or "unexpected" packages to easily and quickly identify potential problems.

The manifests can be sorted in different ways, and printed in various formats. Default manifesting options are easily set, and can be easily changed on a "per manifest" generation, if desired.

Manifests are generated in Portable Document Format (pdf) format, allowing easy local printing or viewing of the manifest.

Call TBS Couriers at 1 800 992-8890 to obtain access, and have an account setup for you.

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