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The TBS Online Shipping Label Program allows you to create your own package address labels online, instead of waiting for TBS Couriers to pre-print standard four-part Bill of Lading (B/L) forms for you. Online Shipping Labels are generated in Portable Document Format (pdf), allowing easy local printing on standard 8.5 x 11 inch paper.

To use the Online Shipping Label Program you must have access to a web browser and the Internet, and be able to print from your browser to a laser printer. No programs need to be downloaded or installed on the PC, with the possible exception of the free Adobe Reader. Click Here Adobe Reader Icon to download this free software.

When using the OnLine Shipping Label Program, you must also use TBS provided packaging with a pre-applied "Online Package Tracking" barcode. These packages have a unique tracking number that is used for tracking purposes.

Please call TBS Couriers at 1 800 992-8890 or use the ordering supplies function in the program to order the appropriate packages for shipping. Material not shipped in TBS packaging with an "Online Package Tracking" barcode will not be accepted for delivery.

With the Online Shipping Label Program you can maintain your own address book of commonly shipped to destinations. You can define as many delivery addresses as you require. For the customer that mainly ships to a single location, a default "To:" address can also be set.

Multiple branch offices can share the same customer account/address book. The initial login is the "master" login, and that user can add additional account login/password pairs. Multiple user logins can help to better control and track employee usage.

Multiple pre-defined "From:" addresses can be defined, and easily selected from a drop-down list when creating an address label. The primary "From:" can be set as a default return address.

When printing an Online Shipping Label, you should also record the tracking number on the package used for shipping. Doing so will allow you to more easily reconcile invoices and track shipments. The Online Shipping Label Program will generate a report showing labels created over a configurable period of time, including the unique "Online Package Tracking" number, if you enter it when creating an address label.

Once the label is printed, simply fold it in half and insert it into the clear window on the TBS package.

Please also review the Terms and Conditions for this program.

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